First Aid Training

Training schools and churches to be ready for any medical situation! 

First Aid Training you can count on!


Get CPR/AED certfied today! CPR can double and even triple the chances of survival after a cardaic event. The ussage of an AED machine within the first 3 minutes can increase the surival rate 80% during a sudden cardic arrest. So why not get certfied?

Stop The Bleed

Blood loss is the number cause of death in active shooter sitituions. It only takes between 2 and 5 minutes for an anverage person to bleed out. Standerd response time for first resposers is 7-14 minutes. Learning of to stop a massive bleed is critical to keep others alive for medical personel to begin thier work.

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Stop the Bleed training

Learn how to a massive bleed and keep victums alive for first responders.

AED Training

Learn how to properly operrate an AED machine.


Get trained and certifed in CPR.

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